Sponsor Opportunities

Reach Thousands

Our event attracts 18,000+ visitors each year and is one of So Cal's most anticipated annual events. Get exposure for your company or brand all while having a great time! We will have Sponsor announcements throughout the day from our Event Emcee.


 Our T-Shirts have become collector's items.  Your logo will be proudly displayed beneath the awesome custom art from Megnn. And they are not just to wear for the show,  but for years to follow!   

Premiere Locations

Along with great exposure, you will have a great location!  Depending on the level you choose, your booth(s) will be located at the primo spots within the heavy traffic of the car show.

It's a Banner Day


^^^ All those thousands of attendees that we mentioned here?  They will see your logo displayed on our event banner. 

The #fomo

 We will be providing heavy social media content and Sponsor ads from our accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  You'll be reaching potential customers from Fear Of Missing Out on such a popular event. 

It's Tax-Deductible

As a Non Profit Organization, your support from the Sponsor fees are tax-deductible.  We can provide our 501(c)(3) information upon request.

ALSO, included is a credit for a one-year membership with the 

San Clemente Downtown Business Association.

Want more info?

Contact Us if you would like to become a Sponsor, or get information on the various levels of Sponsorship:

Contact Us

Rev Up Those Sponsor Engine Ideas!


Get creative!

Nothing is cooler and more memorable than when Sponsors get creative and make their mark at the Car Show!  Got a cool idea? We'd love to hear it. Or here are few suggestions we can assist you with:

Give 'em what they really want

Coffee!  Early the morning of the event, hand out coffee and donuts (or muffins) to the car folks who have been lined up in the queue since before dawn.  That would make them so happy and appreciative of your generosity. Spread your Sponsor brand, maybe have coffee mugs made with your logo.  Prepare for approx. 300 grateful guys if you do.

Retro Candy (known as Cigarette) Girl

We can arrange for your business or brand to have your very own sponsored Retro Candy Girl to pass out goodies or candy or packaged cookies with your logo on it.  Surrounded by all those classic cars, what could be a better "match"?  (Get it? Because Cigarette girls?) to get your name out there.

Let them eat pie

Partner with a bakery (like Blackbird Artisan Pies) to sponsor a good old-fashioned pie eating contest.  Or watermelon. Or whatever.  It's all about that hometown-one town-one team feeling here in San Clemente.