Vendor Booth Information


What does a Vendor Booth Registration Include?

Vendor Booth includes:

  • A 10'x10' booth spot on Lower Ave. Del Mar to display and sell your business product(s) and/or brand.   Should you require a larger space, then you will need to register for additional booth space.  
  • Food Trucks are provided their designated parking spot.  No pop-up tents in addition to truck space is allowed.
  • You will have access via Calle Seville & Del Mar beginning at 6:00 am.
  • Print-at-home event access ticket from the .pdf you received from online registration
  • Price of Vendor Booths:

                        Retail or Business  $200

                        Food Booth or Food Truck $200

                        SCDBA Member: $100 (for membership information Click Here)

                        Non-Profit Organization: $100   Must provide 501(c)(3) proof of charitable status.

  • The SCDBA is a Non-Profit Organization, therefore your registration fees are tax deductible.
  • Rain or shine event.  No refunds or credits.
  • Downloadable Map to print is available at the bottom of this page 

Below is additional information that will aid the event organizers for a successful car show. It may seem like a lot of guidelines and policies, but they are in place to keep public safety a priority and to follow the City’s protocols for large, public events such as this. Thank you in advance for your compliance. During the event if you would like to speak to an event organizer, go to the T-Shirt/Info Booth located in front of Avila’s El Ranchito restaurant and someone will assist you. 

A downloadable copy of the Vendor Information is available at the bottom of this page.

Vendor Schedule & Information


6:00 am - Vendor Entrance: Enter via Calle Seville and Ave. Del Mar queue

  • You must arrive to the check point no later than 6:30 am. After that, the street will be barricaded and there will be no access and no admission.  >>>AVOID the streets the show cars will be accessing or you will be stuck in the car queue.  Do not use Ave. Cabrillo or Ave. Granada.  Use surrounding streets. Look at Google maps before the event to get acquainted with the streets to use.
  • Show your print-at-home event access ticket provided during your online registration to the check-in Volunteer which will be scanned and approved.  
    No ticket = No entry.
  • Keep your printed ticket and your San Clemente Business License displayed and visible at your booth throughout the event.
  • After unloading, please relocate your vehicle via S. Calle Seville (do not go up Del Mar) to a public parking lot or street parking. Vehicles cannot stay parked next to your booth.

7:30 am - All Vendor Vehicles Must Be Cleared

  • Due to safety reasons, if no one has arrived and your space is still vacant by 7:30 am without anyone present or representation, it will be forfeited. Or you may be relocated.  There are spectators who arrive early to look at the cars, and the street will be filling up, so all vendor vehicles have to be cleared.  There are no refunds if your space is forfeited.
  • All Food Trucks are to be in position at their designated parking spots.

9:00 am – All Booth/Food Trucks Ready for the Public

10:00am - Show Begins with the Color Guard Presentation

2:30pm - Begin Breaking Down & Packing Up

  • There is no early departure before 3:00pm.  The street is full of pedestrians.  You must wait for the Sheriffs to clear and re-open the street to allow the show cars to egress first.  

3:00pm - Show Ends

  • You can bring your vehicle back to your booth to load up.  Use S. Calle Seville entrance. 
  • Cars DO NOT leave until the Sheriffs have cleared the pedestrians and lead the exit. 
  • Exit only one way to the top of Ave. Del Mar and proceed to El Camino Real.

4:00pm - Barricades Removed

  • Barricades removed and streets are open to general public and traffic. All show cars, vendors & trailers must be off the streets or may be towed.  

Additional Information:

  • The City requires that there is a 20’ clearance in the center of the street for emergency vehicle access.  
  • Do not spread out, all items are to be contained to your 10x10 space.  If you disregard this policy, you may be charged for an additional booth space and/or not invited back to future events. 
  • Your pop-up tent back legs must be touching the street curb.  All four corners of tent legs must be weighted down.  In the instance of a sudden wind condition (San Clemente is a coastal city), public safety is critical.
  • Reminder that there is no available electricity and plugging into a store’s outlet or a street outlet and running an extension cord to your booth is absolutely prohibited. If violated, you will be shut down.  A quiet generator is fine. 
  • NO COOKING IS ALLOWED. No styrofoam, no dumping into street drains. Trash, food debris or residue, and other waste must be removed at the conclusion of the event.  If you leave your space in a mess, you will be charged a clean-up fee.


All vendors conducting sales must have a current City of San Clemente Business License.  This can be obtained by contacting their licensing division at (949) 361-8166, or   

The City of San Clemente offers a one day special event license for Out of Town vendors.  Use the application form (link is at bottom of page to download) along with a check in the amount of $24 payable to City of San Clemente and mail to:

City of San Clemente Business Licensing

Attn: Melynda Shank

910 Negocio

San Clemente, CA 92672

>> Please note on the application form it only lists higher fees, but these are for annual licenses, not the one day, which is $24, (you will need to write in $24 on the form).  This fee is only valid for Out of Town businesses.  Businesses located in San Clemente must carry an annual license. If you already have a City license, please provide your Business License number # during your registration process.

All food permits must be approved with the OC Health Department if you are selling food & drinks.

Thank you for participating!

For updates and announcements during the event, visit our social media accounts at:  



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