Vintage Trailer Entrant Information


What does Vintage Trailer Entrant Registration Include?

Vintage Trailer includes:

  • A spot on Lower Ave. Del Mar to display your vintage trailer (pre-1979).    
  • You will have access via Calle Seville & Del Mar beginning at 5:30am.
  • Includes one (1) event T-Shirt.
  • Print-at-home ticket from the .pdf you received from online registration
  • This is a rain or shine event. No refunds or credits will be given. 
  • Price of admission is $29.  After 6/1/19 the price will increase to $45
  • Downloadable Map to print is available at the bottom of this page 

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Vintage Trailer Schedule

5:30am - Trailer Entrance: Enter via Calle Seville and Ave. Del Mar  queue

  • You must arrive to the check point no later than 6:00am. After that, the street will be barricaded and there will be no access and no admission.  >>>AVOID the streets the show cars will be accessing or you will be stuck in the car queue.  Do not use Ave. Cabrillo or Ave. Granada.  Use surrounding streets.
  • Show your print-at-home ticket provided during your online registration to the check-in Volunteer which will be scanned and approved.  
  • At check-in you will be provided a voucher to claim your event T at the T-Shirt Booth located at the corner of Ave. Del Mar and Ola Vista.
  • If you would like your trailer included in the Judging, you will receive your placard during the check-in process to display on your trailer window for the Judges.
  • Keep your printed ticket displayed and visible on your trailer window throughout the event.
  • Please position your trailer so that the tongue is pointing -or- at an angle facing towards the top of Del Mar street.  This is due to when upon exiting at the end of the event, you will have to drive going up Del Mar and proceed to El Camino Real street, there will not be room for a U-turn on Del Mar.  After you are in position (and wheel chock blocks in place – parts of the street are slightly sloped) and have un-hitched, look for parking for your tow vehicle at the Library parking lot.  If it is full, there are multiple public parking lots and street parking on Cabrillo or Granada.  Parking can be difficult to find, so un-hitch quickly then park. Please be set-up by 9:00am.
  • The City requires that there is a 20’ clearance in the center of the street for emergency vehicle access.  Do not have your trailer or décor items sticking way out. Space will be limited. Keep the staging simple.  Please do not set-up an attached awning (umbrella is fine) or spread out with tables, carts, décor or props.  Keep items confined to your trailer area.  It is your choice if you would like spectators to step inside to view the interior, or you may rope it off at the entry.  There will be no electricity available, a quiet generator is fine.

10:00am - Show Begins with the Color Guard Presentation

  • Have your trailer ready to show to the public. 

11:00am - Judging Begins

  • Kindly do not "chat it up" with the Judges about your trailer, as they have hundreds of cars to inspect with a limited amount of time.

2:00pm - Winners Announced

  • The 2019 Car Show Award Winners will be announced and posted on a board at the T-Shirt Booth and also on our social media accounts @sccarshow. The award may be picked up at the booth.

3:00pm - Show Ends

  • Cars & trailers DO NOT leave until the Sheriffs have cleared the pedestrians and lead the exit. 
  • Exit only one way to the top of Ave. Del Mar and proceed to El Camino Real.

4:00pm - Barricades Removed

  • Barricades removed and streets are open to general public and traffic.  
  • All cars, vendors & trailers must be off the streets or will be towed. 

Thank you for participating!

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Vintage Trailer Registration Includes: